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Check out this video of one of the biggest rock stars of birth, Ina May Gaskin.  If anyone is interested in seeing her speak in-person, she’ll be speaking at the Partners in Perinatal Health Conference in Marlborough, MA in May 2009.  For more information, contact jeanette@mothersandcompany.com (if you’re also interested in becoming a childbirth educator, let Jeanette know, too!).


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Ever wonder what was in your lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, mascara, baby lotions, sunscreens…anything you use in your personal care rituals?  Check this out and rock your world.  Lower your chances of toxic side effects and cancers by reducing your risk.  Do your research–your children will love having you around longer and you’ll love having healthier children.

Skin Deep: Cosmetics Safety Database by the Environmental Working Group

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This is an amazingly informative presentation from the Seventh Generation Blog, called 7Gen Blog (but the presenter makes you laugh many times…I promise, it’s not boring, it’s not political, it’s just facts).  I was emailed this by a friend, and while I’ve been learning about how many toxins are in our bodies and all around us for years, this is such an important 22 minutes of film that every person should watch–it can change your life for the better.  Pass it on.

“We all know pollution and toxins are bad for you. But the Environmental Working Group has conducted perhaps the deepest analysis of this issue on the most vulnerable demographic on the planet.

Watch the first 5 minutes of Ken Cook’s presentation and see if you aren’t as surprised as I was. If you are, take action, and please send this video to a friend.”

Ten Americans by the Environmental Working Group

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I’ll be at this conference in Boston this Friday (10/31) and you can listen to part of it online that morning…check it out!

make a difference for women's health & the environment

make a difference for women

click here for more information on listening to the event online.

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Rent it from Netflix for Friday Night Date Night…we could say so much about this movie, many of our clients have loved it and found it inspirational and informative…but just watch it and let us know what you think!

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I met with the Worcester County Fathers & Family Network today–what a great group!  I shared the DVD Being Dad with them and we talked about how MoCo might join their efforts to reach out to dads in Central MA.  I learned that every year in Worcester there is a Fathers Fest the day before Father’s Day…mark your calendars!

Yup, it’s a long time from now, but save the date!  We plan to be there, so stop by and say hello!

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Here’s the trailer for a new movie that’s coming out, called The Other Side of the Glass.  It’s about fathers and their role at the births of their babies.  Check it out and let us know what you think!

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