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MoCo Featured in Community Advocate article Check it out!

The Community Advocate is a regional newspaper in Northborough/Westborough and surrounding towns.  This article was printed on 11/21/08.


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Doulas on the Today Show

Did you hear that Doulas were featured on the Today Show this morning?  Feel free to watch it, but I wish they had spent a little more time being positive about the fact that some doulas will lower their fee significantly if a client truly can’t afford it, but that 99% of women who have doulas can’t imagine giving birth without one…  They did interview a doctor at a hospital who has actually banned doulas because “they get in the way”…why not interview a doctor who really recommends doulas?  They do exist.  Again, just remember, it’s television and without drama in a feature, they don’t feel like they have a story.  Oh well, those of us who have had a doula with us at our births know the truth–they make a huge contribution to our feeling confident, calm and comfortable during our births.  Having a doula is a great option that parents can consider…just like where they have their baby and who is going to catch that baby.  And a good doula should be encouraging parents to ask questions and make decisions for themselves, doulas are NOT trained or encouraged to “get in the way” of the medical personnel.  For more information, see http://www.dona.org and http://www.alace.org.

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Okay, so you may have heard about a certain pharmaceutical company’s ad that is causing so much stir among the babywearing community…there have been people talking about it on the internet, at work, moms groups and several have even made their own ads on youtube in response…however, I must add that, in my opinion, the more we talk about it, the happier the executives of that company are…remember, sometimes the best kind of advertising is negative advertising.  The more we utter the name of that medicine, the better we prove the ad was…so, let’s ignore it now, and reach for the many other pain relief choices that exist, pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical.  And find a baby carrier that does NOT make your back hurt…to try them on yourself and find the most comfortable one for you…schedule a fitting at Mothers & Company…and bring your baby with you!

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Check out the information straight from the manufacturers website…then check your bottles.

Mylicon Drops Recalled

And consider Infant Massage class instead…MoCo has an EVENING infant massage class scheduled for November 17th…led by nurse/lactation consultant/infant massage educator/MoCo Momma Debbie Page.

For more information, see   the Mothers & Company website

Register today by calling 508.410.9388.

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All parents need to see this.  Bring it to your baby’s doctor, your parents, babysitters, daycare providers…

Products Targeted to Children Contain Hazardous Chemicals and Ingredients Not Found Safe for Kids

Safety Guide to Children’s Personal Care Products

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The Environmental Working Group has worked for years to do research and provide high-quality information to us so that we can make informed choices.

Check out their EWG Shopper’s Guide to Safe Cosmetics

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