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You know you can come to Mothers & Company on Mondays at 11am for breastfeeding and pumping support, but what if you have a question about breastfeeding at 2am?   Or maybe you have a pregnant friend who might appreciate one of their excellent handouts?  Ever want to look into a medication you might need to take to find out whether it’s compatible with nursing? Check out our local resource, the MA Breastfeeding Coalition’s website. You could spend an hour looking through their resources and downloading their informative handouts.   And get involved in advocacy for breastfeeding moms, join the Coalition!


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What Dads Really Think

Ladies, hold on to your hats, so to speak!  Check out these fun yet informative video blogs from the Being Dad producers (from Down Under).  The MoCo Associate Mommas and I laughed out loud at these and really haven’t heard an American dude telling us this important information about how guys think.  Want to know how to make him FEEL pregnant?  How about finding out how to approach him while you’re trying to get pregnant?  Or how to tell him you’re pregnant?  Well, take a few minutes and watch these and we think you’ll enjoy them.  Have more questions for Sam and Tom?  Go on Facebook and Friend Request Trevor Samuels and ask away…

What Dads Really Think

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