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My article was published (a while ago now) but I just found it online!  Mothers & Company is happy to provide local families with doula referrals, just ask!

Every Woman Deserves a Doula article


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It’s the holidays (Happy Holidays, by the way…Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Channukah and Happy Festivus) and  the end of the year and the end of the decade.  It’s almost TWENTY-TEN!  Wow!  Remember when we were partying like it was 1999?  And when we were worried about Y2K?  All that is over and we’ve moved into the future.

I’m up late listening to the rain (yes, I said rain) outside…at 1:38 am.  I love this time of night.  Everyone is asleep, it’s relaxing time for me.  I’m always being reminded to take time for myself and this is one of those times.  Late night.  Some people (Kate and Alexis!) like to get up super-early for Adventure Boot Camp, but me, I like to stay up late.  It’s like back when my kids were babies and they wanted me to be awake with them in the early hours of the morning.

Anyway, back to the holidays.  Whatever you celebrate, it’s a time of reflection and renewal.  Resolutions.  Family time.  Eating.  Cookies.  Can’t forget about the cookies.  It’s been nice to have some time focused on my kids and I’m looking forward to more of that (since Mothers & Company is closed until January 4th).  Maybe the Children’s Museum in Boston, maybe some sledding (if this rain would turn to snow!), maybe walking the dogs…and of course, sleeping late and staying in our pajamas is always a great way to hang out as a family.  Whatever we decide to do, I’m trying to focus on being “in the moment” with them.  It’s so easy to be busy but harder to value every second.  Today’s the anniversary of the horrible tsunami that took place five years ago where more than 250,000 people lost their lives.  Makes ya think: enjoy every moment.  Tell them you love them.  Hug.  And hug some more.  And don’t forget to tickle.  Gotta love the tickles.

Resolve to be in the moment in 2010.  With your family.  With your friends.  With your Self.  And remind me to do the same if you see me not doing that…thanks.

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Happy Holidays  *  Happy Holidays  *  Happy Holidays  *  Happy Holidays

You’re Invited…

Mothers & Company’s
Holiday Brunch
& Shopping Bazaar

Saturday, December 19th
Holiday Brunch 10am – 2pm
Gift Bazaar    1pm – 4pm

Brunch  Brrr…it’s cold outside!  Come over and enjoy a warm drink and yummy brunch foods…see old friends, meet new friends, shop, relax and just enjoy the day in a comfy place made just for YOU!  We’ve changed things around and added more great stuff since the last time you were there, so come by and check it out!

During the party, you can also learn more about our groups and classes and then register for 2010.  Don’t forget to do some last-minute holiday shopping for the parents, babies and kids in your life, too!  Our shop will stay open until 5pm and the rest of our Melissa & Doug toys and puzzles are 40% off and we have a bunch more items.

Bazaar   We’ll have our “house” full of local gift vendors.  It’s a great opportunity to shop for those last minute gifts for your loved ones.  Most will have cash and carry items (and if they don’t have enough stock, they have promised to get the products to you or your loved ones in time for Christmas). One vendor will be in the Shop, and the others will be in our Pink and Green Rooms down the hall from the Shop…

Who will be there with their wares?
Flexible Creations Handmade sterling silver crystal and cubic zirconia jewelry
Robay Studio  A fun collection of handmade items for home, mother and baby
Mrs. G’s Fabulous Marshmallows   Hot chocolate and gourmet marshmallows
Passion Parties  Due to a quiet (but strong) request from several mommas…someone will be conveniently located behind the closed door of our small Meeting Room for your private shopping:  find a few things to spice up your prenatal and postpartum romance! (babies and adults welcome, no toddlers allowed)
Munkin Arts  Handmade glass pieces
Dr. Felt Good  Fun goods made from felt
The Covered Bottom  Unique& whimsical baby items for the little ones in your life made with retro fabrics
Alizabeth O. Designs   Fresh & feminine.  Subtly bold, fun and flirty jewelry
Designs by Sandra D Handmade jewelry
JNL Minerals  Handmade jewelry

and Longaberger Baskets, too!
WE NEED YOUR HELP!  This year we again ask you to bring something for the Worcester County Food Bank.  Did you know that some of the hardest hit families this year are those with young children?  If you can help by bringing a bag (big or small) of non-perishable (but healthy) foods for those who are in need of food this holiday season.  We’ll take care of bringing it to the food bank before the holidays are over.

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Meghan’s Hope

One of our co-founders, Kim Packard, lost her baby girl 5 years ago (December 18) because her dresser fell on her in the early hours of the morning.  Every other piece of furniture was attached to the walls in Kim’s home, but this dresser (which was so heavy it took too strong adults to move it) still fell on Meghan.  Read what you can do to be sure that this doesn’t happen to your children or any others (let babysitters, grandparents, neighbors and everyone know about this).  TVs also kill and injure kids every year (especially the flat-screens!).  So, attach your TVs and your dressers and your armoirs and your shelves….Quake Hold is a great brand, and KidCo has some good straps, too!

Thanks, Kim, for sharing your life and wisdom with us!  We’ll always remember Meggie!


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Check this out…breastfeeding from a dad’s perspective…would probably be valid for 2-mom families, too.  Thanks to Stephanie of Sweet Little Bundles Birth Services for the link!

The Man-Nurse Diaries: Dads Prefer Breastfeeding.

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Here are some great photos of our new space, thanks to Suzanne Laroque at Sleaque Images.

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Have you been wondering how to tie a Moby Wrap?  You’re welcome to come into Mothers & Company and we’ll help you wrap it on yourself (even better, bring your baby and we’ll make sure you feel pretty comfortable before you leave with one and practice at home).

How to Tie a Moby Wrap

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