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Are you joining Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution? I hope you watched the premiere last week. I did, and it took me on an emotional rollercoaster ride. That sounds a little over-dramatic, but when one’s job is to help others become healthy, one tends to get a little worked up when a lunch lady doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with a list of chemical preservatives on the back of  a box of frozen chicken that she is cooking up for young children.  (That’s one long sentence, but I told you I was worked up.)  I felt victorious when Jamie buried one  family’s deep-fryer. I was near tears when Jamie broke down over his frustration with the town. I was shocked when a child couldn’t identify a tomato when it was held up in front of the class.  A red TOMATO.  Nor could one child correctly identify a potato, a cauliflower head, or an eggplant.  It was mind boggling to me. This is just one tiny town in West Virginia.  How many towns are like this throughout the United States?

After the show, I got to thinking about how I could do my part in the Revolution. And, drumroll please,…I made the decision to be the Snack-Making Volunteer Queen at whichever pre-school my son attends in the fall.  I may end up being the most disliked mom volunteer at the school, but oh well. I am challenging myself to come up with an arsenal of healthy snack foods that any 3 year-old will love and crave.   Can you make a similar challenge for yourself?  How can you play a part in the Revolution? If you have older kids, can you pack them lunch more often?  Can you decide to stop buying soda for your home? Can you cook one additional vegetable at dinner? Now that summer is around the corner, you’ll have access to a lot of fresh, seasonal vegetables. Small steps like these add up, and the more small steps we take, the closer we’ll get to good health and happy times.  Alone we can’t change the whole country, but we can change our little corner of it. Change enough little corners, and there’s a changed country.

The third episode of Food Revolution will be on ABC, Friday, 4/2 at 9:00 p.m. EST.  I strongly encourage you to watch it.

Oh, and Jamie has a little bit of star power behind him.  Joining  Oprah and Ryan Seacrest in the Jamie Oliver Fan Club is Gwyneth Paltrow, who interviewed Jamie for her newsletter this week: http://goop.com/newsletter/77/en/.

Lastly, here is a very passionate blog post about the Food Revolution. It’s a little harsh and some people may be put-off by the writer’s tone, but I honestly hope the post will be read with an open mind.  Sometimes it takes a [virtual] slap in the face to get a point across.


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