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We had some BIG snow this last storm. Our little contest got some record responses on facebook. You guys really love guessing games! Without further ado, the winner is:

Kristen Turner! She said 19 inches.

She was exactly correct. We measured a whopping 19 inches in MoCo’s front yard.

Thanks to all for your awesome responses!

(Please drop holly@mothersandcompany.com to claim your prize.)


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It’s been a busy few days here at MoCo! Lots of new products including some of the Kiss My Face line! Including Sudz, bodycare, Kids detangler ( smells delicious) and much more!

Also a whole box of Blueberry covers with awesome funky prints including Giraffes, cars, and whales! Yay!

***And the winner is!*****

We are very much looking forward to our toy swap next Saturday! Remember that you must sign up to participate in this event. This week we had some great comments on the blog.  Thank you to all who commented!

Our winning posts were:

Lauralynn: Each person should bring one extra toy to the swap. This way, the people who go last will still have a lot of toys to choose from. Plus, at the end of the swapy, there will be lots of toys leftover for donating.

Shannon C: What a fabulous idea! I will be there with toys to swap. My son has so many that he doesn’t play with anymore! Anything Caillou, Little Einsteins, and Cars. Caillou is so hard to find! Let’s have some fun.

Colleen: Not sure if I can come yet, so I haven’t picked out things to bring. I would probably bring some dolls, puzzles and toddler trucks. I would like to find some “new-to-us” puzzles and maybe something for our new baby coming later this winter.

Please contact holly@mothersandcompany.com to claim your prize!

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Happy New Year! We hope you all enjoyed the holidays with your families. We sure did!

We are very excited to announce our first MoCommunity Toy Swap.  Have you been to a toy swap before ? How’d it go ? DId you leave with something your child loved? We would love to hear your thoughts!

Here are the details of our swap:

MoCommunity Toy Swap

Saturday, January 15, 3:00 – 6:00 pm

The cost to participate in this event is $5 per person.

Light refreshments will be served.

Non-mobiles babies welcome.

Register now by clicking here!

  • Please bring toys appropriate for kids aged birth to 5 years old.
  • Each person may swap 5 toys.
  • When you arrive and drop off your toys your name and the number of toys you have brought will be recorded on a ticket. All tickets will be put into a barrel and drawn out one at a time (as quickly as possible) and this will determine the order in which participants get to select toys.  Only 8 participants will be in our Green Room for swapping at a time.  We’ll have light refreshments in the Shop for those who are waiting (so come together and enjoy chatting with each other!).
  • All toys must be new or gently used in good working condition, with all pieces. Small pieces must be enclosed in a cloth or plastic bag (and be well-labeled).
  • Toys must be clean and not included in any recall (to check if they have been recalled, please see www.cpsc.gov).   This is an honor-based event.  We expect that everyone will have checked on safety recalls before submitting items.
  • Peaceful toys only (i.e. no war-related toys, guns etc.).
  • No books this time around.
  • Keep in mind this is a sharing event. Your swap may not be the exact same monetary value as the toy you brought but you may leave with something your child will love even more!
  • If more than one adult wants the same toy:  See if you have a toy you could trade for it.  Try being kind and letting the other person have it.  If all else fails, see a MoCo Momma for a coin-toss tiebreaker.
  • This is a one-to-one swap. In other words, if you bring in 3 items you can exchange them for three other items. If you bring in items but don’t see anything you would like to take, you will still be expected to leave your items for donation. Participants may not return for items after the swap. That said, we ask that you keep this in mind when selecting items to bring.
  • All leftover toys will be donated to Big Brothers Big Sisters Foundation.

*** This is our first time hosting this type of event we ask for your patience and understanding****


In an effort to get some ideas of what people plan to bring and what people are looking for we have a lovely giveaway for the top 3 comments.

Please let us know, what will you bring to the swap? What would you like to see a the swap?

Winners will be announced this Friday! Goodluck!

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