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What great ideas you all shared! Still looking for one? It’s never too late,here are a few of our favorites:

  • Shop locally
  • Participate in a CSA Meat or Veggie Share
  • Start Composting
  • Ditch the paper towels and convert to cloth ones
Thank you all for your wonderful responses!
The winners are:
Angela who said:

“I’m going to re-start carpooling with my colleague, (in fact our first drive together was today) and I’m going to put all my reusable bags in our cars so we have them available for shopping–instead of storing them in my pantry, and not having them available for impromptu trips.”


Tana Zoller who said:

“Not only will we be partaking in MoCo’s Change 3 on the 23rd, but my family & I will also be doing a small neighborhood clean-up. We already use cloth diapers, cloth wipes, unpaper towels for all of our cleaning, cloth napkins at dinner…we use as many all-natural products as we can right now. We’ve even purchased a steam mop to do away w/ cleaning chemicals. We started our fresh veggies a few weeks ago & will be planting beautiful flowers to attract the butterflies! The Earth is very precious to my family & I. Let’s save her. :)

Please contact Holly at holly (at!)mothersandcompany.com


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Each year I try and do what I like to call an ‘Earth Day Resolution.’ It’s kind of like a New Year’s Resolution but without the gym membership I rarely use, or the juicer that only gets used on special occasions. An Earth Day Resolution can be as simple as using one roll of paper towels between shopping trips, or as big as removing paper towels from your house all together.

dining room garden!

This year my Earth Day Resolution was to plant seeds with my son. We picked out vegetable seeds, carefully planted them in little biodegradable pots and then watered them each day. It has been a wonderful experience to watch them grow. As an adult I kinda forgot how cool seeds really are! We look forward to planting them in the ground once it gets a little warmer.

At MoCo we are holding an event on April 23rd called the Great Cloth Diaper Change. The goal of this event is to have the biggest simultaneous cloth diaper change globally. Pretty cool to think that thousands, possibly millions of people are changing dipes and changing the world at the same time right? If you don’t cloth diaper considering getting a few prefolds and a cover or borrowing from a friend so that you can attend the event and make history.

If you haven’t already picked your Earth Day Resolution I encourage you to check out Change 3.  Cotton Babies, one of the largest cloth diapering companies, has started a movement calling on at least 100,000 parents commit to changing just 3 cloth diapers during the day that will equal:

  • Thirty to fifty million pounds of prevented landfill waste.*
  • One hundred million disposable diapers not purchased.*
  • A combined savings of over $24M in the next year.*
We interviewed one of our clients, Tina from Millbury, who is taking the challenge:

What made you want to participate in change 3? 

I decided to “change 3” because taking care of your children extends beyond their childhood.  If we all don’t make changes, they will be the ones to suffer for it.  Making an impact on their future, and their childrens’ future are all part of how we raise them.  Our children will follow in our example, and we need to make those good examples.  If one small change can make such a big difference, how could you not?

What is your favorite part about cloth diapering?

My favorite part of cloth diapering has to be all of the cute options that are available.  Watching your little one wiggle around in a cute fluffy diaper is so much nicer than a crinkly paper thing.  Also, no more chemical burns or diaper rashes. 

What advice would you give someone thinking about trying cloth diapering ? 

Do your research.  Read reviews, and find out what diapers will work best for you, then only buy one.  Test out a diaper before you make a big purchase, because even the best ones don’t work for everyone.  Also important is to learn how to treat your diapers.  You don’t want to ruin your investment with incorrect care.

We would love for you to try cloth. To make the trial even easier we are offering a special Change 3 deal til the first week of May:

1 Imse Vimse Cover + 3 Prefolds = $13.00

That is a pretty sweet deal.

Regardless of what you chose for your Earth Day Resolution make it something fun that your whole family will enjoy. The more fun it is the more apt you are to try again next year!

To enter our giveaway please leave a comment: 

What are you planning for Earth Day? Will your family try an Earth Day Resolution?

We will select TWO winners on Monday! ( And the prizes are AWESOME!)

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