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In honor of Father’s Day, we did a Facebook contest…2 lucky winners will receive a one free round of golf (each) at the gorgeous and challenging Cyprian Keyes Golf Club in Boylston. To be eligible, they were answered this question:

With a baby or toddler at home…what is the best thing to offer your partner in return for their blessing for you to go golfing?

Before we announce the winner, we thought you might enjoy seeing the answers…

  • Offer her time to take a shower, wash her hair, AND shave her legs. Doing all three at once is usually a miracle with a busy baby in the house.
  • Money and jewels and a maid service and a hand written poem and a new outfit – shoes and handbag included and some fun money because Father’s Day is about spending that time with your KIDS. Just my opinion.
  • Offer to do a whole night of night feedings so she can get 8 hours of sleep in a row for a change!
  • Get up with the baby at night so mama can get some sleep!
  • Ask for a family day in return….Father’s Day *should* be a family day, but if it was what he really wanted to do, let him with the stipulation that we do something fun, like go to the zoo, next week 🙂
  • A day at the spa for mom and a MoCo gift card towards something for the little ones!
  • Saying no to the next overtime shift he’s offered, even though the extra money is nice our baby is growing up too fast and the family time is more valuable then extra cash.
  • An evening out with girlfriends…
  • Let me sleep until I’m absolutely “done” sleeping with no guilt…
  • For Mommy to get a whole day to do what makes her happiest
  • Diaper duty for a weekend!
  • My hubs does so much for us. He works long hours, does the dishes, yardwork, vacuums, deals with the garbage, feeds our furry son, AND still enjoys spending as much time as possible with our son and me. He lets me take naps when I need them.
  • To never second guess me when I say “studies show….”
  • To find a sitter so we can go to a movie/dinner by ourselves 🙂
  • To find a sitter so we can go golfing together! We have the best time when playing golf together 🙂
  • He’s already given me a spa day and helps out around the house or watches our daughter when I take some time (though i’m still not ready to be gone for very long yet).. and he gave up a golf career to move back home to marry me soooo….. I would ask for him to take a sunny warm day off of work to treat his two best girls to a day trip somewhere pretty and allow me to eat anything and everything I wanted 🙂
  • Go for a day without turning on the tv! I would love for us to be a little more “unplugged” in general…
  • A day where we relive our first date as teenagers–a burger at Harry’s and an icecream Sunday at Ulhmans. 12 years later, now with 2 little people in tow.
  • A morning of sleeping as late as she wanted followed by a manicure, pedicure, facial, and lunch with the girls.
  • I would love for him to hang the pictures of our beautiful baby…He had knee surgery so he has been out of commission…. But I really want our beautiful baby up on the walls so I can cherish the moments… He ‘s growing up so fast….:(
  • One word….chocolate!
  • I’m not sure if this deserves a round of golf (but I hope). I would make her homemade waffles with Vermont maple syrup and a Nespresso latte for breakfast in bed 🙂

Great answers!  Feel free to either tell your partner how you love how he/she is so wonderful or give your partner this list and ask them to perhaps pick one of these ideas and go for it!

And the two winners are:  Kelly Fullen Santoro and Sarah Rogers!  You two ladies, please email jeanette@mothersandcompany.com with your mailing addresses for the gift certificates!

*the title is a slight variation on the first lyrics of Christina Aguilera’s song “What a Girl Wants”



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