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Did you ever want to take an art class yourself?  Or have time on Friday mornings and you’d like your child to take an art class? Now you can do both at Mothers and Company!  A local mom and artist, Suzanne Hauerstein, will be teaching a few classes that might interest you:  Moms’ Studio Art Time (an evening class for five weeks, just for moms…hey, BYOB if you’d like!) and Little Budding Artists (a weekly class on Friday mornings for four weeks, for children aged 2 and 3 years, with an adult).  We’re also working scheduling some other classes with her as well, on Saturdays!!!  Read on to learn more about Suzanne and consider registering for her classes by clicking on the class names above.

Suzanne Hauerstein

What was your background, before you were a mom?

I lived in Rhode Island and worked at the Newport Art Museum where I taught ceramics and multi-media classes and workshops to students of all ages and abilities for almost two decades.   I was a studio artist and designed and created tile murals and ceramic sculptures of sea life and insects.

What brought you to art?

My mother is an interior designer and watercolorist and my grandfather was a commercial lithographer and painter so I have been exposed to art since I was a small child.  I grew up in New Jersey so my parents made frequent excursions with my sister and me to New York City.  They would take us to see exhibits at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, MOMA, Museum of Natural History and many other great museums.

When you’re working with parents and kids, what do you find helps them connect with their inner creativity?

A relaxed and fun atmosphere!  I believe a class environment that encourages experimentation is integral to a good experience.   I like to have students do a little warm up exercise before we do an actual art project.  It can help loosen the hand and mind from self-imposed restrictions.

Some parents aren’t sure why an art class would be beneficial to a child..what do you say to that?

I am a strong believer that making art can help a child to focus and relax.  I choose projects that can be altered for any ability so that the child will be successful at what they are doing.  When a child is successful at something they get excited and usually want to do that activity again.  In this way it can help to build the child’s confidence.  Doing art projects enhances hand- eye coordination and fine motor skills in both children and adults.

What’s one thing that you can share about yourself that’s more unique and not related to motherhood, art or your past professional life…what’s your passion/guilty pleasure/favorite hobby or pasttime?

I really enjoy cooking.  I used to love to hang around my grandmother’s and my mother’s kitchens as a young girl and watch them preparing our huge Italian family meals.  Then of course I enjoyed eating the food!   My guilty pleasure is definitely chocolate.   I love to sing and read to my two year old daughter and take her for long walks.

If you had more time, is there another job or activity you’d love to do?

My most recent focus artistically has been working with encaustics; an ancient painting technique that involves using pigmented bees wax.   I would love to have an apiary and learn about bees and beekeeping and incorporate the bee’s wax into my artwork.

Interested in reading more about the classes Suzanne will be teaching?  Or interested in registering?  Click here.


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