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I bought my Kozy Carrier when my son was 3 months old. I was looking for a
carrier that I would be able to use on my front or back. I was also looking for
a carrier that would be very comfortable for both my husband and me to use.

I was first drawn to the Kozy because of the mei tai style. This means that the
straps tie on, giving you a custom fit every time. You do not need to adjust any buckles or anything to switch back and forth between mom and dad (or any other helper). The padded straps help make it comfortable for wearing for a long time.

In the beginning, I used it on my front with my son’s legs tucked inside in a “froggy” position. He loved it from the first time. He could always fall asleep in it, even during his first fireworks show last July! As he got older I learned to wear him on my back and on my hip as well. I still love all three of these positions. Wearing him on my hip is great because he can see what I’m doing. The back carry is nice for outdoor activities like hiking and going for walks. Every carrier feels different on different people so I would definitely recommend trying before you buy, however I know the Kozy carrier has been a great fit for my family for the past nine months!

What’s your favorite carrier?  Why do you like that one?


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We’re back from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas and are tickled pink with what we’re bringing into the MoCo Shop for you.  We just counted and there are almost 200 new products from about 60 new companies.  We walked miles and miles and miles each day through the ABC Kids Expo and loved every minute of it.  It can be overwhelming but we managed to stay on-task and order what you’ve been asking for:  Dapper Snappers, Sleepy Wraps*, the Boba Carrier*, Scootababy Carriers, Eco-dough, G Diapers, Buggy Guards*, B-hooks*, Snack Traps*, Lunch Bots* and Piggy Paint, to mention just a few!  Check out some of the new products below and come on over for some holiday gift shopping–we’re THE best place for unique, usable and healthy gifts for your entire family (especially parents and young ones).

a Dapper Snapper, great for growing kids and kids who wear cloth diapers. There's also one for moms who need it during pregnancy or postpartum.

One print option for the new Ergo Options carrier.

Ergo has a new carrier called Options that we’re getting in for those of you who prefer prints.  Once you own an Options carrier–we have plenty coming–you can purchase a 3-pack of snap-on prints so you can choose the print for your mood.

Little G Pants from G DiapersG Diapers now has even smaller diapers for preemies and tiny babies. Whether you use the biodegradeable liners or cloth liners, these are cute!

Those of you who are interested in the hip-carry for your baby or toddler, we’ve got an amazing and comfortable option: the Scootababy Carrier.

eco-dough: made with food-based ingredients with essential oils, this is healthy and never dries. Colors are all-natural, too!

Looking for gifts for birthdays or the holidays (under $25)?  We’ve got plenty on the way, so remember that MoCo is the perfect place to find  great place for gifts.  Start your holiday shopping NOW and get it done before Thanksgiving…all in one place.  Grandparents would even love some of the items we have coming in…


LunchBots Dish Set...unbreakable, stainless steel, an heirloom

Taggies Naturals...from moms in Spencer to moms in West Boylston

Rockabye Baby's Bob Marley Lullabies is just one of the many CDs we're getting in from Rockabye Baby!

The Scootababy Carrier, comfy, easy and distributes weight well! The mom pictured above is the owner/creator and we chatted with her for a while at the trade show. Sweet.

It's adorable, squeezable and makes music, too! Coming in sheep, dolphin and giraffe.

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Helloooo from Las Vegas! We’re here to attend the largest juvenile products show in the Northern Hemisphere, on a quest to find new products for YOU! There are over a thousand vendors here and we’re excited about a bunch of new things we’re bringing in! For example, the Boba soft structured carrier and the Sleepy Wrap. We also found some awesome reusable lunch and snack bags, gifts for mom, a new line of baby care lotions, soaps and bum balm that is rated all zeros on the Skin Deep Report….the list goes on. We’re bringing in Rumparoos Diapers and great new prints from Weehuggers, too.
We’re having a blast meeting with owners and staff and reps from all the companies we know and love like Fuzzibunz, Beco and Ergo (we ordered their new carrier, Options, too!).
There are a few celebrities here and we saw a couple of them but can’t seem to remember their names! ;).
Our feet are sore but our spirits are good and we will sent another update soon. Have a great day!

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You’ve probably seen all the press by now:  slings recalled and warnings issued due to safety issues with certain slings and the way that some parents are using them.  See  CPSC Warning About Sling Carriers for Babies

Yes, there are definitely some slings/baby carriers out there that are dangerous in and of themselves.  And others are just uncomfortable for either the wearer or the baby (every kind we sell is MoCo Momma-approved so they can be comfy if fitted correctly).

All slings can be dangerous if not used properly.  So, let’s talk about how to use them properly.  Watch our video that shows how to position an infant in the CRADLE HOLD in a sling.   The cradle hold can be the most dangerous hold to do if not done properly, but our Caring for a New Baby instructor, Melissa Dunn (a pediatric nurse) and our Managing Momma and Yoga Instructor, Sarah Whiteman, show you how to wear your baby safely and comfortably.  More videos to come (subscribe to our blog and our youtube channel)!

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I had the opportunity to carry one of our MoCo Associate Momma’s babies in this the other day and LOVED it!  Several of the MoCo Mommas have it and love it, but since it was my first time actually carrying a real baby in it (on my back, no less–brought me back to my days of living in a village in West Africa as a Peace Corps Volunteer) it inspired me to post instructions for you.  If you haven’t gotten one yet, we have plenty of them in solids and prints and all of them are reversible!  The shoulder-rails are padded and there’s even a double pocket at the end of one of the rails.  Enjoy!

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Mommas:  Put a sling on ’em!  Come to Mothers & Company and try on one of our many types of baby carriers, wraps, slings…find the one that fits you best.  Buy and try…try it for a week and if you don’t love it, return it clean and in excellent condition and with its original packaging.

Watch this video and we dare you to try not to laugh out loud!

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