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Do you remember what it was like to be a new mom?

I remember staring at his little feet for hours ( thinking, wow- I grew those! and  goodness are they cute!), sleepless nights, baby’s first smile and endless amounts of  laundry…

Those first few months can be the most wonderful experience with all the fascinating  things your little baby brings. After the glitter settles, the in-laws leave, and the  stocked freezer is dwindling some moms ( and dads!) can find parenthood isolating.

Think back to that time and think about what you really needed or wanted. Someone  to talk to and share all the awesome poop stories with? The crying to stop and for  baby to sleep? Help feeding your baby? Time with your spouse or partner? We all need  help throughout parenthood- as the saying is true- it really does take a village to raise  a child.

Here is a starter list of things you can do for your friends, or even that mom at Trader Joes you see struggling with her newborn and toddler:

1) Bring over some yummy food or snacks– Make some lasagna, veggie soup, or a big hearty salad. Bring a bag of snacks: almonds, cheese and crackers, or smoothies. anything that could be a quick pseudo meal for momma or papa.  Don’t have time to cook? Drop over takeout from her favorite place. She’ll be glad you did!

2)  Offer her resources: Tell her where the mommy party is at: Do you come to New Mom’s Group? If you do, you know how valuable it is to hear that no-one’s-baby-is-sleeping-through-the-night-at-3-months-old and  yes you are wearing the same shirt as yesterday.  Have a favorite class or place to visit with your little one? Tell your friend or even a random stranger about it. It’ll be your good deed of the day and it will make theirs.

3) Offer to baby sit: Many moms are reluctant to leave their new precious cargo with a sitter they don’t know, but would be more apt to go our for that post pregnancy glass o’ wine with the hubs if you were on duty. They may return from their date after only 30 minutes and may call every 5, but you remember what that was like don’t you? 

4) Do a load of laundry: I will NEVER forget my aunt coming over after my son was born for an hour. She did a load of laundry and it meant the world. I had to choke back tears of thankfulness to have one load in the wash and one folded ready to be put away. It’s amazing what clean clothes can do.

5) Writer Ann Douglas is responsible for our last piece of advice which is wonderful and true: “Help her to feel that she is part of a chain of women that spans from generation to generation. This is her time to receive. She will have plenty of time to give. For now she should just relax and accept the love and gifts from other women. That will be your greatest gift to your friend.”

There are dozens more things you can do for your friend or a stranger- what say you? Did someone do something above and beyond after your child came into your life? Please share!



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Each year I try and do what I like to call an ‘Earth Day Resolution.’ It’s kind of like a New Year’s Resolution but without the gym membership I rarely use, or the juicer that only gets used on special occasions. An Earth Day Resolution can be as simple as using one roll of paper towels between shopping trips, or as big as removing paper towels from your house all together.

dining room garden!

This year my Earth Day Resolution was to plant seeds with my son. We picked out vegetable seeds, carefully planted them in little biodegradable pots and then watered them each day. It has been a wonderful experience to watch them grow. As an adult I kinda forgot how cool seeds really are! We look forward to planting them in the ground once it gets a little warmer.

At MoCo we are holding an event on April 23rd called the Great Cloth Diaper Change. The goal of this event is to have the biggest simultaneous cloth diaper change globally. Pretty cool to think that thousands, possibly millions of people are changing dipes and changing the world at the same time right? If you don’t cloth diaper considering getting a few prefolds and a cover or borrowing from a friend so that you can attend the event and make history.

If you haven’t already picked your Earth Day Resolution I encourage you to check out Change 3.  Cotton Babies, one of the largest cloth diapering companies, has started a movement calling on at least 100,000 parents commit to changing just 3 cloth diapers during the day that will equal:

  • Thirty to fifty million pounds of prevented landfill waste.*
  • One hundred million disposable diapers not purchased.*
  • A combined savings of over $24M in the next year.*
We interviewed one of our clients, Tina from Millbury, who is taking the challenge:

What made you want to participate in change 3? 

I decided to “change 3” because taking care of your children extends beyond their childhood.  If we all don’t make changes, they will be the ones to suffer for it.  Making an impact on their future, and their childrens’ future are all part of how we raise them.  Our children will follow in our example, and we need to make those good examples.  If one small change can make such a big difference, how could you not?

What is your favorite part about cloth diapering?

My favorite part of cloth diapering has to be all of the cute options that are available.  Watching your little one wiggle around in a cute fluffy diaper is so much nicer than a crinkly paper thing.  Also, no more chemical burns or diaper rashes. 

What advice would you give someone thinking about trying cloth diapering ? 

Do your research.  Read reviews, and find out what diapers will work best for you, then only buy one.  Test out a diaper before you make a big purchase, because even the best ones don’t work for everyone.  Also important is to learn how to treat your diapers.  You don’t want to ruin your investment with incorrect care.

We would love for you to try cloth. To make the trial even easier we are offering a special Change 3 deal til the first week of May:

1 Imse Vimse Cover + 3 Prefolds = $13.00

That is a pretty sweet deal.

Regardless of what you chose for your Earth Day Resolution make it something fun that your whole family will enjoy. The more fun it is the more apt you are to try again next year!

To enter our giveaway please leave a comment: 

What are you planning for Earth Day? Will your family try an Earth Day Resolution?

We will select TWO winners on Monday! ( And the prizes are AWESOME!)

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Thanks to Facebook, we came across this great little video put together by a photographer who is also a mom and fan of cloth diapers.  It’s one of the simplest and well-done information videos about cloth diapers.  Let us know what you think!

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If you’ve been wondering how our First Annual HipHipHerRace 5K Race/Walk Fundraiser for Abby’s House went, it was GREAT!  We had 170 runners/walkers registered and raised about $10K for Abby’s House.  For a first time, we’re blown away with everyone who participated, those who volunteered and those who donated.  Wow.  You guys rock.

the start line

Thanks one of the mommas that comes to MoCo (and who occasionally writes for this blog, too!), Michelle Kaelin, for suggesting the concept of having a race-fundraiser.  And thanks to Susan Manero of Susan Manero & Associates Insurance, Susan Lauring, owner of the Three Rivers Building, Peggy Dix from O’Brien & Gibbons Insurance, the great folks from Abby’s House and MoCo Mommas Holly Johnson, Andrea Merrill and Heather Tomkinson from Mothers & Company for their help before, during and after the race.  Thanks to a family who comes to our place frequently, Marie, George and Miles Oprica, for standing out on the course to cheer folks on and prevent them from getting lost.  And thanks to everyone else who participated, volunteered, raised money, spread the word and anything else you did for this great event!

Below are some photos from the event.  We look forward to next year…whether you run it, walk it or help raise money or just help spread the word, we know it’ll be fun and for a great cause.

gathering around before the race, as the sun comes up

waiting to start

singing the national anthem, beautifully


first one across the finish line...hmm...he can do 3.2 miles in less than 20 minutes. Wow.

and they are off!

our friend Jocelyn ran the whole thing with two children AND two flat tires!

and the kids got up early, too, to cheer on their moms!

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We’re back with an update from Vegas! Yesterday we walked and walked and covered more ground at the Expo but still have so many more vendors to see today. It’s super-fun to meet so many new people from around the world and see such great inventions. Then again there are some funny inventions, too (some are shocking, really).
What’s new that you’ll see in store soon? The G diaper, new prints from bumGenius, Eco-dough (like playdough but way better and good for your child and you), some new brands of bum balms and lotions and cleansers for mom and baby, cloth sandwich and snack bags, new diapers from Rumparoos, a comfy hip carrier from Scootababy…the list goes on. We’re very excited and hope you are too! Be sure to come into the shop a few times over the next month to check it all out and remember what a great place MoCo is to shop for the holidays (and moms, you might actually want to do a wish list with us for your holiday or birthday gifts…we can do that for you or your baby, just ask. Okay, it’s a bright morning here, and we’re ready for another exciting day of discovery! Here are some pictures to help you get excited, as well as a photo of part of the Venetian Hotel, a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit!

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Okay, so technically it’s not summer yet, but we here in Massachusetts have been having some pretty fantabulous weather this spring. And around here, any time it hits 60 degrees, it’s time to think summer!

This sunhat from iPlay isn’t just adorable; it’s safety in a hat. We got our 14-month-old his first last year when he was just a wee one. Talk about coverage! This year we opted for the royal blue, but there are so many fun colors to choose from!

IPlay Babywear Sunhat

With skin safety in mind, a good sunscreen is an absolute must. I love California Baby’s SPF 30+. Last year I could make due with just the cream, but they also make a stick version — a recent purchase as my guy has become, shall we say, a tad feisty, and lathering sunscreen on his face has become a challenge. The stick makes it easy. I’ve used it on him several times and he hasn’t even attempted an escape!

California Baby Sunscreen SPF 30

California Baby Sunblock Stick SPF 30

You know you need a good pair of sunglasses, but so does your child. I must confess that the first pair I purchased didn’t work out. Let’s just say I got a bit too caught up in how handsome my son looked (think baby James Dean) that I didn’t quite pay attention to the fit. Only now that he doesn’t try to immediately remove them (and in fact finds them fun to put on) do I realize they’re much too big for him. The falling off the face when he crawled was my first clue. I figure he’ll grow into them and wear them at some point, but I learned my lesson. Take my advice and try to get over how good-looking your kid is and really make sure the sunglasses fit. I’m getting practical this next time around and picking up a pair of these wrap-arounds from iPlay:

Infant sunglasses by iplay - blue

Insect repellent. There’s no ignoring it. With summer go skeeters in these here parts. I don’t like the idea of putting DEET on my baby’s skin, so I love the idea of an organic anti-bug balm! I haven’t tried this yet, but (1) it’s in stick form (see feisty above) and (2) it comes highly recommended. I can’t say I’m excited to try it; it is insect repellent, after all.

Anti-Bug Push-Up - 1.5 oz - Stick

This next one may just be a must-have for me, but mama needs a little fun, too. I love this kickball from Melissa & Doug. I just do. It makes me smile. Sure, my son doesn’t fully appreciate its fabulousness yet, but he will. It’s sturdy and I know he’ll have for several summers to come. And did I mention it makes me smile? Isn’t that reason enough to deem it a must-have? There’s a ladybug version too, but I had to draw the line somewhere…at least this year.

Melissa and Doug Sunny Patch TM Froggy Kickball

So these are my summer must-haves so far and the summer hasn’t even begun! What items can’t you live without when the temps soar?

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by Michelle Kaelin of Peas Out Mama Blog

Television is riddled with home organization programming. It seems to have started small and worked its way up to shows about hoarding, which I can barely stand to watch. You see, I have the opposite problem. It’s true. I’m a clutter-phobe. There. I feel better now.

Clutter makes me feel cluttered, claustrophobic even. But allow me to clarify: This is only true in my own house. Other people’s clutter doesn’t bug me at all. Call me obsessive-compulsive or call me minimalist, but I just don’t like a lot of stuff around me. I have to add, however, that it helps that I’m not someone who gets too attached to things. (See below.)

My best friend and I half-joke that it turned out to be a good thing we never lived together in college. We’d planned to room together sophomore year, but when she decided to transfer, that plan fell through. And good thing it did. Little did I know that she has trouble getting rid of things, and in her case, those things don’t exactly sit all organized on shelves. So yes, a college roommate situation would’ve doomed our friendship forever, but I’m happy to say that, ahem, eighteen years later, she’s my bestie.

Many people comment on the lack of clutter in my house and go so far as to invite me to their homes to help clear some space. (Interestingly, no one has taken me up on this. I think they’re afraid of me!) In that spirit, however, I’m offering my best tips to clear the chaos.

Start small. Choose one problem issue at a time. If you set your sights too big, you’re apt to get overwhelmed and set yourself up for failure. Let’s talk about…toys.

Take a deep breath ’cause this might hurt a little. As you sort through your child’s (or children’s) toys, consider what they need versus what you want them to have. What toys does your child need to challenge her educationally or developmentally? Which does she need because she adores them? Then consider those you’re hanging on to because you’d like your child to have or want them. Which ones seemed like a good idea at first but never lived up to your little one’s high standards? Be tough. Be strong. You can do this. Has your child outgrown a specific toy? Did that cloth ball you bought fail to intrigue? (I’m speaking from experience on that one!) Are you hanging on to certain items for your own sentimental reasons? Is your child’s first luvie literally holding on by a thread?

Once you go through the sorting process, take a good look at the “want” pile. Here’s where you need to do your scaling back. If your child really plays with and enjoys all ten of his stuffed animals, keep them. But if he only plays with seven, what are the other three doing hanging around? I know, I know. Grandma gave him one, aunt so-and-so gave him another, and he just loved the other for three whole weeks (two years ago, but hey, he might fall in love again), so you feel you really must keep them “just in case.” Stop the madness. You have options.

If you’re really hesitant, consider stashing the toys in question away for a week. See if you, I mean, your child, really misses them. If not, there’s your answer. Consider taking photos of items before parting with them. (They’ll be more interesting if your child is in the photo, too). Technology makes this even simpler. Keep a photo file on your computer and look at those long-lost toys whenever you wish (or when your little peanut is old enough, share the memories). Remember that when you give an item away, especially a toy or other children’s item, you’re giving it a new life in a new home. Whether you decide to donate to a charity, pass it along to a friend, sell it yourself, or consign it (you know, like at the MoCo Consignment Event on May 15th), your item brings a little happy to someone else’s life. And a little serenity to yours.

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