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Do you remember what it was like to be a new mom?

I remember staring at his little feet for hours ( thinking, wow- I grew those! and  goodness are they cute!), sleepless nights, baby’s first smile and endless amounts of  laundry…

Those first few months can be the most wonderful experience with all the fascinating  things your little baby brings. After the glitter settles, the in-laws leave, and the  stocked freezer is dwindling some moms ( and dads!) can find parenthood isolating.

Think back to that time and think about what you really needed or wanted. Someone  to talk to and share all the awesome poop stories with? The crying to stop and for  baby to sleep? Help feeding your baby? Time with your spouse or partner? We all need  help throughout parenthood- as the saying is true- it really does take a village to raise  a child.

Here is a starter list of things you can do for your friends, or even that mom at Trader Joes you see struggling with her newborn and toddler:

1) Bring over some yummy food or snacks– Make some lasagna, veggie soup, or a big hearty salad. Bring a bag of snacks: almonds, cheese and crackers, or smoothies. anything that could be a quick pseudo meal for momma or papa.  Don’t have time to cook? Drop over takeout from her favorite place. She’ll be glad you did!

2)  Offer her resources: Tell her where the mommy party is at: Do you come to New Mom’s Group? If you do, you know how valuable it is to hear that no-one’s-baby-is-sleeping-through-the-night-at-3-months-old and  yes you are wearing the same shirt as yesterday.  Have a favorite class or place to visit with your little one? Tell your friend or even a random stranger about it. It’ll be your good deed of the day and it will make theirs.

3) Offer to baby sit: Many moms are reluctant to leave their new precious cargo with a sitter they don’t know, but would be more apt to go our for that post pregnancy glass o’ wine with the hubs if you were on duty. They may return from their date after only 30 minutes and may call every 5, but you remember what that was like don’t you? 

4) Do a load of laundry: I will NEVER forget my aunt coming over after my son was born for an hour. She did a load of laundry and it meant the world. I had to choke back tears of thankfulness to have one load in the wash and one folded ready to be put away. It’s amazing what clean clothes can do.

5) Writer Ann Douglas is responsible for our last piece of advice which is wonderful and true: “Help her to feel that she is part of a chain of women that spans from generation to generation. This is her time to receive. She will have plenty of time to give. For now she should just relax and accept the love and gifts from other women. That will be your greatest gift to your friend.”

There are dozens more things you can do for your friend or a stranger- what say you? Did someone do something above and beyond after your child came into your life? Please share!



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A few people emailed me after a recent enewsletter where the following article appeared, so I thought I’d add it to our blog.  Feel free to mail a link to this article to anyone you know who is expecting a baby!

As a childbirth educator, birth doula and mother, I’m frequently asked many questions about birth.  I have plenty of answers, but I can’t say which ideas and suggestions you’ll like or take, since everyone is different and everyone’s birth is different.  I do know for sure, though, that there are four keys to opening the proverbial door to an amazing birth.  Yes, I said “amazing”.  I’ve witnessed it and heard it from parents–those who LOVE their birth experience.  It’s true:  parents who feel informed, respected and supported are much more satisfied with their birth experience than those who weren’t.  So how do you get informed, get respect and feel supported?  Let me count the ways…

  • Take a thorough, fun and high-quality childbirth class.  A great class provides you with all the information you need to decide what you want for your birth and the care of your baby so you can have productive and intelligent conversations with your care providers.  A top-notch class focuses on you and your partner’s needs and desires.  A fa-anta-astic class should make you feel more relaxed about becoming parents and feel empowered to make decisions that feel right for you and your baby.  And hey, it should be fun!  You’re having a baby–it can’t all be serious–this should be a fun time in your life!  The classes at Mothers & Company do everything stated above and are small, comfortable, fun, interactive, thorough and customized to ensure you get what you need. And we’re here for you after class via phone and email to keep supporting you even after your baby is born!  Why not start with the best when all you want for your baby is the best?
  • Choose the right care provider for you.   Interview a few.  Find a care provider that fits your personality, has the medical background you feel most comfortable with in relation to your level of health and who catches babies in your preferred birthplace.  Do you like spending a lot of time getting to know your provider or are you a no-frills kind of person that likes to get in there and get out quickly?  The right answer is your honest answer.  And what are your wishes for your birth?  You should like and trust your care provider and feel comfortable discussing your wishes with him or her.  Are you interested in natural childbirth (no medications) or planning an epidural?  Find a provider that has a track record of supporting families in the kind of birth you seek (when medically possible, of course).  Feel free to email us for recommendations of care providers of all kinds (obstetrician, family physician, hospital midwife, birth center midwife, homebirth midwife, lactation consultant, chiropractor, acupuncturist and others).  Do you love your care provider?  Tell them to come to our Meet the Doulas and Care Providers event so we can get to know them and refer to them, too!
  • Hire a doula.  Ideally, you’ll have your partner with you or someone else who cares for you on an emotional level.  And of course, if your mother, your best friend, your aunt or your sister are people who you know will make you feel more supported, then yes, invite them!  But a doula is a wonderful option as an addition to your supporters.  She is a woman trained and experienced in birth who provides you with information and emotional and physical support before, during and after birth.  She supports you and your partner continuously.  She knows what you want and helps you feel supported no matter what happens.  Research has shown time and time again that it’s continuous support in labor that makes a huge difference.  If that support person has skills and knows how things work at your birthplace, then bonus, it makes more of a difference!  Check out the Doula tab of this blog to learn more about why every woman (and her partner deserves a doula).  And don’t forget about the option of a postpartum doula, too.  Come to our Meet the Doulas and Care Providers events or contact us for recommendations!
  • Trust that your body rocks and that your baby is smart!  So much of labor and birth is mental.  The more you can work on your mind to reach a point where you can believe that billions of women have given birth before you because birth works, the better off you’ll be trusting that your baby can be born easily, too.  And babies are smart: they know how to get out.  That’s what babies do–they come out.  The more you can do to make your body and mind healthy, the more satisfying and better your birth will be.   Getting quality prenatal care with a care provider you like and trust, doing prenatal yoga (we have classes on Wednesdays) taking long walks, eating healthy foods, immersing yourself in a high-quality childbirth class, visiting a chiropractor who is expeMoCo Logo leaves parentingrienced in working with moms and children, having good supporters around you cheering you on, receiving prenatal massages and perhaps even acupuncture and other bodywork like reiki–all of these help increase your physical and mental health and prepare you well for an amazing birth.  And who doesn’t want that?

What all of us here at Mothers and Company wish for you is an easy pregnancy, amazing birth and smooth transition to parenthood.  And whether it ends up being easy or not, we’re here for YOU.

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We’re back from the ABC Kids Expo in Las Vegas and are tickled pink with what we’re bringing into the MoCo Shop for you.  We just counted and there are almost 200 new products from about 60 new companies.  We walked miles and miles and miles each day through the ABC Kids Expo and loved every minute of it.  It can be overwhelming but we managed to stay on-task and order what you’ve been asking for:  Dapper Snappers, Sleepy Wraps*, the Boba Carrier*, Scootababy Carriers, Eco-dough, G Diapers, Buggy Guards*, B-hooks*, Snack Traps*, Lunch Bots* and Piggy Paint, to mention just a few!  Check out some of the new products below and come on over for some holiday gift shopping–we’re THE best place for unique, usable and healthy gifts for your entire family (especially parents and young ones).

a Dapper Snapper, great for growing kids and kids who wear cloth diapers. There's also one for moms who need it during pregnancy or postpartum.

One print option for the new Ergo Options carrier.

Ergo has a new carrier called Options that we’re getting in for those of you who prefer prints.  Once you own an Options carrier–we have plenty coming–you can purchase a 3-pack of snap-on prints so you can choose the print for your mood.

Little G Pants from G DiapersG Diapers now has even smaller diapers for preemies and tiny babies. Whether you use the biodegradeable liners or cloth liners, these are cute!

Those of you who are interested in the hip-carry for your baby or toddler, we’ve got an amazing and comfortable option: the Scootababy Carrier.

eco-dough: made with food-based ingredients with essential oils, this is healthy and never dries. Colors are all-natural, too!

Looking for gifts for birthdays or the holidays (under $25)?  We’ve got plenty on the way, so remember that MoCo is the perfect place to find  great place for gifts.  Start your holiday shopping NOW and get it done before Thanksgiving…all in one place.  Grandparents would even love some of the items we have coming in…


LunchBots Dish Set...unbreakable, stainless steel, an heirloom

Taggies Naturals...from moms in Spencer to moms in West Boylston

Rockabye Baby's Bob Marley Lullabies is just one of the many CDs we're getting in from Rockabye Baby!

The Scootababy Carrier, comfy, easy and distributes weight well! The mom pictured above is the owner/creator and we chatted with her for a while at the trade show. Sweet.

It's adorable, squeezable and makes music, too! Coming in sheep, dolphin and giraffe.

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We’re back with an update from Vegas! Yesterday we walked and walked and covered more ground at the Expo but still have so many more vendors to see today. It’s super-fun to meet so many new people from around the world and see such great inventions. Then again there are some funny inventions, too (some are shocking, really).
What’s new that you’ll see in store soon? The G diaper, new prints from bumGenius, Eco-dough (like playdough but way better and good for your child and you), some new brands of bum balms and lotions and cleansers for mom and baby, cloth sandwich and snack bags, new diapers from Rumparoos, a comfy hip carrier from Scootababy…the list goes on. We’re very excited and hope you are too! Be sure to come into the shop a few times over the next month to check it all out and remember what a great place MoCo is to shop for the holidays (and moms, you might actually want to do a wish list with us for your holiday or birthday gifts…we can do that for you or your baby, just ask. Okay, it’s a bright morning here, and we’re ready for another exciting day of discovery! Here are some pictures to help you get excited, as well as a photo of part of the Venetian Hotel, a breathtakingly beautiful place to visit!

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The Environmental Working Group has worked for years to do research and provide high-quality information to us so that we can make informed choices.

Check out their EWG Shopper’s Guide to Safe Cosmetics

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Ever wonder what was in your lotions, lipsticks, shampoos, mascara, baby lotions, sunscreens…anything you use in your personal care rituals?  Check this out and rock your world.  Lower your chances of toxic side effects and cancers by reducing your risk.  Do your research–your children will love having you around longer and you’ll love having healthier children.

Skin Deep: Cosmetics Safety Database by the Environmental Working Group

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This is an amazingly informative presentation from the Seventh Generation Blog, called 7Gen Blog (but the presenter makes you laugh many times…I promise, it’s not boring, it’s not political, it’s just facts).  I was emailed this by a friend, and while I’ve been learning about how many toxins are in our bodies and all around us for years, this is such an important 22 minutes of film that every person should watch–it can change your life for the better.  Pass it on.

“We all know pollution and toxins are bad for you. But the Environmental Working Group has conducted perhaps the deepest analysis of this issue on the most vulnerable demographic on the planet.

Watch the first 5 minutes of Ken Cook’s presentation and see if you aren’t as surprised as I was. If you are, take action, and please send this video to a friend.”

Ten Americans by the Environmental Working Group

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