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I bought my Kozy Carrier when my son was 3 months old. I was looking for a
carrier that I would be able to use on my front or back. I was also looking for
a carrier that would be very comfortable for both my husband and me to use.

I was first drawn to the Kozy because of the mei tai style. This means that the
straps tie on, giving you a custom fit every time. You do not need to adjust any buckles or anything to switch back and forth between mom and dad (or any other helper). The padded straps help make it comfortable for wearing for a long time.

In the beginning, I used it on my front with my son’s legs tucked inside in a “froggy” position. He loved it from the first time. He could always fall asleep in it, even during his first fireworks show last July! As he got older I learned to wear him on my back and on my hip as well. I still love all three of these positions. Wearing him on my hip is great because he can see what I’m doing. The back carry is nice for outdoor activities like hiking and going for walks. Every carrier feels different on different people so I would definitely recommend trying before you buy, however I know the Kozy carrier has been a great fit for my family for the past nine months!

What’s your favorite carrier?  Why do you like that one?


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You’ve probably seen all the press by now:  slings recalled and warnings issued due to safety issues with certain slings and the way that some parents are using them.  See  CPSC Warning About Sling Carriers for Babies

Yes, there are definitely some slings/baby carriers out there that are dangerous in and of themselves.  And others are just uncomfortable for either the wearer or the baby (every kind we sell is MoCo Momma-approved so they can be comfy if fitted correctly).

All slings can be dangerous if not used properly.  So, let’s talk about how to use them properly.  Watch our video that shows how to position an infant in the CRADLE HOLD in a sling.   The cradle hold can be the most dangerous hold to do if not done properly, but our Caring for a New Baby instructor, Melissa Dunn (a pediatric nurse) and our Managing Momma and Yoga Instructor, Sarah Whiteman, show you how to wear your baby safely and comfortably.  More videos to come (subscribe to our blog and our youtube channel)!

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