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It’s a first, MoCo Momma Jeanette was on TV, chatting it up with Gene Levanchy on Fox25 Boston’s Morning News about Being Dad.  Sam Holt, one of the producers of the film, answered most of Gene’s questions, but I think I held my own…Rachel Ray next?  🙂

See the interview here! A MoCo Momma on Fox25 Boston Morning News re: Being Dad movie


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Great for Moms and Dads Alike!

Great for Moms and Dads Alike!

Take 40 dads across the country (including one from Worcester and others from Mass), sit them down in bars across the country (one being the Cask’n Flagon in Boston), give them food and drink and ask them questions about pregnancy and birth…and Being Dad is what you get.  Perfect for moms who want to know what dads really think and perfect for dads to finally hear what other guys are saying (since apparently you guys don’t talk much to each other about this without beer and cameras!).

Check out the trailer for the movie here…you’ll laugh a few times, we promise.

The movie is available at MoCo and in our online store at http://www.mothersandcompany.com.

To hear a podcast about it:

Sam Holt from Being Dad on BlogTalkRadio.com

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