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It’s almost that time…the time to panic that you haven’t bought enough stocking stuffers yet.  Well, don’t head to the drug store for the typical stuffers, head over to MoCo…we’ve got the whole family covered!

If you haven’t been in our shop lately you might be wondering what we’re talking about?  Are you thinking “why would I want to put a diaper or breastpads in a stocking?”  We’ve expanded our offerings in general and especially related to the holidays.  And boy, do we have stocking stuffers.  See below for our suggestions.

Lip Balm from Earth Mama Angel Baby.  So smooth and just a hint of mint (not spicy).  Yummy for preventing chapped lips and healthy ingredients, too!
Happy Mama Spray.  Based on essential oils, this spray is designed to lift your mood–who doesn’t need that in the holidays or after a long winter’s day?
Dryer balls made from wool. They save energy and money by cutting your drying time by up to a half!  And they make such a rhythmic, calming drumming in the dryer, too.  Everyone needs some meditative drumming in the house once-in-a-while.
Bubble Bath from California Baby. No chemicals, just aaaaahhhhhhhh.
Little metal containers. Replace all those little plastic ones you use for leftovers or lunches.  Toss in some nuts, some crackers or some cheese.  They are cute and will last for-eva!
Teething Bling necklaces and bracelets for mom (and that teething baby!). They are stylish AND functional.  Not many jewelry lines can say that.  Dads, moms with babies want these…they’ve told us so!
The Diva Cup. Yeah, we said it.  The little box that holds a silicone tampon-like cup is just the right size to put into most stockings.  Or heck, put it on the tree! Help her feel excited for her monthly visitor again.
Female Toner Tea. It’s relaxing and helps the muscles of the uterus to do their thing.  It’s just yummy.  Easy pick.
MoCo Moola Gift Certificates to use in the shop or for classes.  It’s going to be cold out and she’d love to come over and shop or take a class!

Preggie Pop Drops are just the thing for her to suck on to alleviate that morning sickness feeling.
Healing Heart hot/cold pack. Show her the love with this soft heart which can be heated up or cooled off and applied where she needs it.  During pregnancy, during labor or postpartum, this is a sweet helper.  And hey, it’ll work as a boo-boo buddy for the kids, too!
Mama-To-Be Tea Sampler. Who doesn’t want to sip some yummy herbal tea during the winter?
Earth Mama Bottom Balm. It’s a fact.  Moms usually need some help down yonder.  It’s not a much talked about fact, but trust us, she’ll use it and be glad she has it.
Pregnant Belly Oil. Rub that belly with this oil and give the baby a massage while he or she is still enjoying her warm space.  Mom enjoys the rub, too.

Kushies Toys are colorful and educational.  You’ve got to explore them and you’ll wish you were a kid again.
Green Sprouts Bamboo Bowl & Utensil Set.  It’s made from bamboo, a renewable resource that is also biodegradeable.  Can’t get better than that.  Back to basics for those new foods.
Diaper Rash cream. We have several brands that we love:  Motherlove, BumBum Balm, EcoStore, BumBoosa and others.  Baby’s would be so relieved to see an extra rash cream in that stocking.
Wipes. Whether you go for the BumBoosa wipes made from bamboo or the cloth wipes, they are soft and good for baby and the earth.
Felt Food. Soft and hand-made, fun to play with, colorful and imaginative.  And affordable.  Fill your toddler’s pretend pantry with felt food and watch them whip up a meal for you!
Bibs. We have some great options whether for baby or toddler.
Sophie. Every baby needs Sophie in his or her life.  Sophie the Giraffe.  A naturally-cured (takes four months!) and hand-painted rubber giraffe that squeaks if you touch her belly but the big draw is that kids love to chew on every part.  Head, ears, feet, neck.  She’s in all the babies’ dreams this year.
Taggies Take-A-Longs. These were invented by local moms here in Central Massachusetts to give their children lots of tags to play with on the sides of their loveys.  We have the Taggies Naturals line as well as some tiny ones you can attach to anywhere!

M&D Crayons. They are simple but wonderful.  No wrapper to eat.  A nice triangular shape makes them easy to grip.
The Little Experience Key Ring kit. With some supervision, an older child would enjoy crafting this little creature into a key-ring and gifting it to a friend or relative.
Green Sprouts Nail Brush. You know by now that the underside of kids’ nails is a place you need them to clean often.  Put a wooden nail brush in their stocking and they’ll get the message.
Piggy Paint. Those little ones love painted nails but you know the fumes of traditional nail polish aren’t good for them.  Discover Piggy Paint.  No scent, light coverage, no worries.
Water Bottles and Sippy Cups. We’ve got stainless steel options, the Tilty, the Soothie and even the ultra-cool Zoli (come in and see it in action, there’s nothing like it’s flexible silicone straw!).
Queasy Pops for kids. Made by the same people as Preggy Pops, these lollies help calm their bellies.
Toothpaste. We’ve got it.  Dental care is important and having a nice stock of healthy toothpaste in the bathroom drawer is a plus.  Add some to everyone’s stocking this year!

That’s probably enough but there are many more options we didn’t mention.  And then there are the gifts…come and in and see what we have in store for your holiday season.

And don’t forget to gift yours-elf! 🙂  If you register for our winter classes by 12/22 and use the discount code of HOLIDAY20, you’ll receive 20% off your class(es).  Swim and groups excluded, sorry.  Register for Momma & Me Yoga, YogaKids! for 2-5 year olds (and there’s a class for 4-10 year-olds coming, too!).  Register for Music Together, Music & Movement, a sign language class, a prenatal class…there’s more!

See you soon and drive safely on these wet roads!


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MoCo Giveaway Winner!

We had a fantastic time at our 2nd Annual Holiday Bazaar! Thank you to all who came out and showed your support for handmade vendors. We had such a talented group. What a busy weekend!  We shall keep it short and sweet tonight, the winner of our giveaway who used the secret phrase in a funny sentence was…..

Marie Oprica who said:

“Everyone knows that Santa would really rather have eggnog than milk
with his cookies, but he’d been having some gastrointestinal distress,
so Mrs. Claus suggested Santa try out a vegan diet, that made the
elves happy because elves love eggnog.”

Congratulations Marie! Stay tuned for some more MoCo Ho Ho Holiday Picks and a terrific giveaway Tuesday AM 🙂

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To help ease the holiday stresses we are going to make it easy-peasy for you:

Every few days (thru the last week of December )we plan to showcase a few of our favorite picks for this holiday season. Whether you’re shopping for grandma, pepe, meemaw, your little monkey or your husband, we have gifts for all! We will also be featuring an awesome giveaway each post, so check back often!

Today’s Feature:

LunchBots: We were jumping for joy when this beautiful set came to the shop. The set includes an  includes  an 8″ plate, 5″ bowl, and an 8 oz. mug. Perfect for any age,  food grade stainless steel provides a healthier alternative to plastic and is safer than glass. Best part, it’s dishwasher safe ( we dig that!)  A wonderful first set for toddlers, but also great for Uncle Joe’s camping trip. The set retails for $25.

Rockabye: Are you ready to rock? These aren’t your grandma’s lullabies. Think U2, No Doubt, Aerosmith and of course Kanye West. Your baby will have the best taste in music on the block! What a great gift for the expectant mom or dad! Listen to a sample here.







This is one of our BEST Giveaways EVER. We are giving away (hold onto your hats!) an ERGO Changing Pad (Galaxy) valued at $46! What a wonderful gift for yourself, your sister or your neighbor who just had a sweet little baby!


This is a great prize so we are going to play a little game.   During tomorrow’s MoCo Holiday Bazaar a catch phrase will be displayed on the whiteboard of the Green Room. Use this catch phrase in a funny holiday sentence and send it to holly@mothersandcompany.com.  The top sentence will win the changing pad, the second and third place winners will also win a lovely prize.

Good luck and we hope to see you at the bazaar tomorrow!  2-6 PM, don’t forgot to bring a pair of mittens or a non-perishable food item.

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